Legal Defender for Sex Offences

Sexual assault and other sex related offences carry some of the most long-lasting and devastating effects to reputation and freedom. Each of these charges requires intricate knowledge and understanding of evidentiary law and procedure so that the actions, conduct and decisions of the police, the complainants and the prosecutors can be challenged at every step of the proceeding.

Acquiring strong legal guidance is the best first step if you receive this type of criminal charge; Bitzer Criminal Law is that firm.

Sexual assault charges are a serious and highly specialized area of criminal law

Sexual offenses are extremely varied, and the spectrum covers everything from groping or harassment up to child sexual interference and assault and sexual offences involving adults. Because sexual assault involves the actions and perceptions of two parties, these cases require an understanding of the connection between psychology and law; differing stories, misconstrued information, and reliance on memories in the absence of proof is a highly intricate area of criminal law which requires specialized knowledge to properly challenge such serious accusations and allegations.

As these are very serious criminal offences, it is crucial that legal counsel resolve the case in your favour to ensure against long lasting effects such as registration as a sex offender, restraining orders, loss of custody, and restrictions on when and where you can travel.

What should I do if I am charged with a sexual offense?

Immediately call a lawyer and do not give a statement to the police. A criminal lawyer will help you put together a plan to have you quickly and fairly released from custody.

Legal Defender for Sex Offences

In complex and sensitive matters, it is crucial to have a highly skilled lawyer on your side. Stephen Bitzer has decades of experience in these matters, and also maintains strong relationships within the legal community to ensure your rights are respected and that you receive a fair and strong legal defence.

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