Fraud and Theft Charges

Fraud or theft charges can involve stolen items and monetary amounts that range in size from miniscule to massive. If convicted, the punishments can also vary widely, from minor penalties to long prison sentences. Cases where a theft or fraud charge involves an offense against your employer can be particularity serious. Bitzer Criminal Law has defended all types of fraud and theft and can answer all of your questions on the laws and processes.

What is the difference between a fraud charge and a theft charge?

Fraud is an escalated type of theft, where there is effort made to mislead or falsify information in order to obtain something that is not lawfully yours. This could take the form of forgery or tax evasion, whereas theft is more straightforward involving shoplifting or stealing a car. A highly planned theft or fraud is considered much more serious than a simple opportunistic theft.

What offences fall under a charge of fraud?

Fraud is commonly associated with “white collar” crime and certainly there are many infamous fraud cases that have been well covered by the media. Fraudulent activity, however, is very routine and happens on a daily basis. Fraud can include:

  • NSF or bad cheques
  • Identify theft
  • Insurance fraud
  • Lying on a legal or government form

As well as legal consequences, there can be long-lasting personal and business consequences to theft or fraud. Dishonesty and a lack of trust often impacts relationships, as well as the ability to get a job or obtain a loan or mortgage. Bitzer Criminal Law can help you defend against such devastating outcomes.

Experienced legal representation will make a difference in how a fraud or theft charge is handled.

Bitzer Criminal Law has extensive experience in defending complex fraud cases, including Ponzi schemes and cyber crimes. These cases tend to rely on evidence that may take the form of a paper trail, which can be challenging for the prosecution to assemble. Bitzer Criminal Law will handle your charge with tact and care to ensure the most intricate details are uncovered and analyzed.

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