Impaired Driving & Alberta SafeRoads Immediate Roadside Sanctions

Driving while impaired, depending on the circumstances, may result in either criminal charges under the Criminal Code of Canada and/or administrative penalties called Immediate Roadside Sanctions under the SafeRoads Alberta Regulation.

Bitzer Criminal Law will answer all of your questions related to criminal impaired driving charges and SafeRoads infractions and work with you to build an action plan going forward.

Impaired driving charges fall under two primary categories

Criminal impaired driving charges or SafeRoads penalties may occur anytime you have the care and control of a motor vehicle or while driving a motor vehicle after, or while, using alcohol, marijuana or any illegal drug. Impairment from consuming certain legal or prescription drugs can also result in criminal charges or SafeRoads citations. Refusing to cooperate with the police when stopped roadside, may lead to yet more criminal charges or SafeRoads penalties.

While conviction of a criminal charge carries a driving prohibition, criminal record, fines and possibly jailtime, Alberta SafeRoads penalties result in driving prohibition, remedial driving education programs and fines. Both the Criminal Code and the SafeRoads legislation seeks to prohibit you from operating a motor vehicle for lengthy periods of time.

Legal assistance is key to a positive outcome in DUI or Alberta Saferoads cases

The laws surrounding criminal impaired driving and the regulatory process of the Immediate Roadside Sanctions Program are complex and require an experienced lawyer who regularly practices in the area of impaired driving and has successfully navigated the new SafeRoads regulations.

Stephen Bitzer brings extensive experience to guide you through the potential outcomes regarding, fines, driving prohibitions, jail time, and the return of your vehicle after its seizure. This includes advice as to how participation in remedial driving education or installation of an ignition interlock (a “blow box”) to your vehicle will benefit your situation.

Bitzer Law can help you appeal any charge or penalty and prohibition received under the Criminal Code or Safe Roads Alberta Regulation.

We can help you achieve the best outcomes from DUI charges.

Bitzer Criminal Law is known for high success rates with criminal impaired driving charges and has a proven track record in conducting appeals of SafeRoad’s Immediate Roadside Sanctions.

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