Fighting Illicit Substance Charges

There are numerous offences in Canada’s Controlled Drugs and Substances Act pertaining to possessing, selling, trafficking, and manufacturing controlled drugs and substances. These charges are serious, and if convicted, can result in lengthy prison sentences and the seizure of your property and monies.

To mount a successful defense requires intricate and experienced knowledge of criminal evidence and procedure. Acquiring strong legal support is the best first step if you receive this type of criminal charge; Bitzer Criminal Law is that firm.

The circumstances surrounding your drug charge play a significant role in your legal outcome.

Drug charges often involve undercover police procedures which utilize wiretaps and search warrants that require judicial authorization. These police actions and judicial authorizations need to be carefully reviewed to determine whether they are lawful invasions of your privacy and to ensure a clear understanding of your legal jeopardy and the potential outcome.

What should I do if I am charged with a drug offence?

Immediately call a lawyer and do not give a statement to the police. A criminal lawyer will help you put together a plan to have you quickly and fairly released from custody.

Finding the right lawyer is key to your best outcome in a drug related case.

In complex drug cases it is crucial to have a highly skilled lawyer on your side. Bitzer Criminal Law has decades of experience in these matters and he will ensure your rights are respected and that you receive a fair and robust defence.

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