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You have the right to fair legal proceedings, to have the best possible representation for your case and the best possible outcome.

Legal Opinions

If you have questions about what criminal offence and or regulatory offence you are charged with, how the charge has arisen and the results of a trial and or hearing, Bitzer Criminal Law can answer all of your questions. We can provide you with a legal opinion on any criminal or regulatory matter.

If you are seeking a legal opinion or review of a charge or conviction that has already gone to a hearing or court, you will need to speak with me and advise the original lawyer immediately so we can ensure your conversation complies with solicitor-client confidentiality rules as well as legal guidelines and timelines relevant to your case.


At any point in the legal process where a judgement is passed, you may be eligible for an appeal. A few such instances where you should consider an appeal are:

  • Bail hearings
  • Convictions
  • Sentences
  • SafeRoads Alberta Immediate Roadside Sanctions
  • Judicial Review

Each of these appeals requires a review of the proceedings, potentially detailed applications, adherence to time limits, as well as research and a professional written and oral argument to be presented. Bitzer Criminal Law can honestly advise you if you have a case necessary for, and worthy of, an appeal. You cannot appeal a ruling at any level of court simply on the premise that you are not happy with the outcome.

To qualify, appeals require some error in law and/or an error in facts and law. Appeals are always escalated upward through the courts, and both the prosecution and the defense are able to request an appeal. Appeals are highly complex and focus on precise details, so we collaborate with other lawyers who are experienced in the proceedings for each type of appeal.

Appeals can be quite expensive, starting at several hundred or even thousands of dollars just for the application and supporting documentation required to provide an opinion on the merits of the case.  Always talk to an experienced lawyer before beginning an appeal process to ensure you have a case to be argued and to consider your chances of success.

If you wonder about appealing your case or if you need a legal opinion, call Bitzer Criminal Law

Stephen Bitzer is a successful appeal lawyer who collaborates with extremely knowledgeable and experienced appeal lawyers at all levels of court throughout Alberta and Canada.

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