Trusted Criminal Lawyer in Grande Prairie

If you’re a resident of Grande Prairie and you are facing the criminal justice system, now is the time to act. With ample experience behind me, and with many connections within my reach, you can feel confident when you choose me to represent you.

Top Legal Professional, Here for You

It doesn’t matter if you live near Nitehawk Year-Round Adventure Park, the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie, Saskatoon Island Provincial Park… you get the idea. All residents of Grande Prairie are welcome to contact me today, and I would be pleased to serve you in your time of need.

When you hire me to represent you, I will work by your side and stand up for your best interests. If your case falls into the following categories, feel even more confident that I’ll be able to help:

  • Sexual Assaults
  • Large Scale Fraud
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Impaired Driving
  • Safe Roads Alberta Reviews and Appeals

The above are my areas of expertise. I have many years behind me working in these areas and have produced many successful and satisfactory results. I have a proven track record, so you can rely on my decades of experience and my sharp, analytical mind to guide you through this difficult time. Additionally, you can trust that I have well-rounded relationships with law enforcement personnel and prosecutors, so I may be able to leverage these connections to help resolve your case.

Experienced Canadian Solicitor, Here to Help

I really do value my work; it allows me to help people like you navigate what’s often seen as a cruel and difficult system. That said, I will always ensure that you are treated with respect. Unlike some other lawyers who may tolerate disrespect towards themselves or their clients, know that I view disrespect as unacceptable. I will help ensure that your voice is heard and that you are represented in the spirit of respect and dignity.

When you put your trust in me, know that I will always treat you with respect. I know that sometimes, people end up in situations where they have committed crimes or where they have been involved in adverse situations and end up being charged. My commitment to you will involve quality services that are always grounded in respect.

The Bitzer Advantage

When choosing a lawyer to represent you, it is important to assess their education and experience. It is also important to ensure that their values and objectives align with your own. Which is why I feel confident that choosing me is the right decision, because of my education, experience, and values.

I have studied law for many years and continue to study as I practice. I learn something new every single day, and my decades of experience has taught me many things. I have sharpened my knowledge and skills, refined them, and I utilize them every single day I go to work.

Additionally, I value trust, honesty, privacy, fairness, and integrity. When you put your trust in me, I don’t take that lightly. I will always work to earn and maintain your trust in honest and straightforward ways. I will be straight with you, letting you know about what you should expect and what you may encounter. I will work to uphold your privacy as per the solicitor-client relationship, and I will always fight for your rights and your fairness. Holding all these values and more, I strive to live up to them every day in professional ways, and I aim to uphold my integrity every day that I go to work.

What Lies Ahead

Now that you know a little more about me and how I can help you, call me or fill out the contact form on my website. From there, we will schedule a consultation very soon.

At this consultation, we will go over your case, I’ll review it in detail, and I will inform you of the certain, possible, and likely outcomes. This may put your mind at ease and may also give you a sense of control.

From there, you’ll discover another thing that makes me different – a healthy dose of strategy. I am strategic in my work, and I will work alongside you to develop and maintain a strategy as we move forward. I am confident in my abilities to create a plan with your best interests in mind, and I will guide and coach you along the way.

Together, we can work towards the best possible resolution for your case. Trust my education, experience, relationships, strategic nature, and values to work for you and let’s start now, because time is of the essence.

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