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Hello, I’m Stephen J. Bitzer. I’m a respected lawyer with decades of experience in and around the criminal justice system. I can help you navigate the system in swift and effective ways. And together, we will strive towards the best possible resolution.

Experienced Legal Professional, at Your Side

You have arrived at this website, and you can be sure that this was a good decision, because you can take advantage of my years of experience to help you with your case. It doesn’t matter if you live near Discovery Canyon, the Red Deer Museum & Art Gallery, Heritage Ranch, Bower Ponds, or Kerry Wood Nature Centre. If you’re a resident of Red Deer, you can know that I’m here to help.

Trust my decades of experience in the following areas of expertise:

  • Sexual Assault Case
  • Large Scale Fraud Cases
  • Drug Trafficking Cases
  • Impaired Driving Cases
  • Safe Roads Alberta Reviews and Appeals

If your case falls into one of these areas, know that I really can help, and begin to feel even more optimistic about the future. Also know that I have experience involving complex cases, such as wire taps and search and seizure warrants relating to dwellings, vehicles, and computers.

Dedicated Defence Lawyer, Here to Serve

I have always desired to be better at what I do. I am committed to continuous learning and development, and I learn something new from every case. Add a couple of decades of experience and realize that that’s a lot of time to learn something new, every day.

I know that the criminal justice system can be a cruel and unforgiving place. Which is why I am committed to providing the best service that I know how, and I will ensure that you are always treated with the respect you deserve.

I am an effective communicator, a strategic and analytical thinker, and I have a sharp wit and superior interpersonal skills. In fact, I have created and maintained strong and beneficial relationships with law enforcement and prosecutors, which may result in conversations leading to an early resolution of your case. Trust my experience; trust my connections; and trust my abilities to bring your case to satisfactory results.

The Bitzer Difference

Not all lawyers are the same. What makes me different is my specialized expertise in the areas I work in, my values, and my commitment to excellent service.

Know that I have a proven track record of helping clients navigate the justice system. In those areas of expertise mentioned above, I have helped many individuals get through this difficult time in their lives. I defend all cases under the Criminal Code of Canada, the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, the Youth Criminal Justice Act, and more.

My values are what sets me apart, and I live by them every day. I am committed to providing swift, effective services in honest, truthful, and responsible ways, strengthened by a commitment to integrity, privacy, and steadfastness.

I will always be honest and straightforward with you, and when I work on your behalf. I will be truthful with you, informing you of the potential and likely outcomes, and sharing what I know about the system in accurate, timely ways. I consider my clients my responsibility, and I will always strive to look out for their best interests.

Also know that I live by my values, and don’t just talk the talk. I am committed to fostering integrity in my practice, so know that I’m a man of my word. Additionally, I will work to uphold your privacy as per the solicitor-client relationship at all times. On top of that, I will be steadfast and persistent in my pursuit of a resolution that’s in your best interests.

The Path Forward

When you contact me by phone or the contact form on my website, I will get back to you as soon as possible. Then, we will meet for an initial consultation. In this consultation, you’ll get to know me a bit more, and I will get to know you and your case. We will review the case in great detail. Then, we will continue by formulating a plan and a strategy as we move forward. I will coach and guide you through this process.

From there, we will work together to ensure that we carry out our strategic goals and objectives, and if they aren’t met, know that I’m quick to come up with a plan B and pivot effectively when needed. Trust in my sharp wit and my determined spirit, and together, we will pave a path forward.

Contact me today, request a consultation, and we’ll be in touch very soon.

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