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Are you a resident of Lethbridge, and have you been charged with a criminal offence? Trust Bitzer Criminal Law to resolve your case in fast, effective ways. Feel confident in my decades of experience, and let’s get started now.

Dedicated Legal Professional, Here to Serve

I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer. I know how important it is to protect and defend the rights of those who may have found themselves in a difficult position. When lives and livelihoods are at stake, it is so important to make that good choice of choosing a respected lawyer to handle your case.

Not only have I built a name for myself over the years, but I also have long-standing relationships with prosecutors and law enforcement. This means that I may be able to resolve your case in timely and relatively stress-free ways.

Know that my areas of expertise include sexual assault cases, large scale fraud cases, drug trafficking, impaired driving cases, and Safe Roads Alberta reviews and appeals. If you case falls into one of these categories, you can begin to feel even more confident that the road ahead doesn’t look so bleak after all. You can rely on my commitment to service, and my years of experience helping individuals navigate the justice system in these areas of expertise.

Trust an Alberta Solicitor Today

For all cases under the Criminal Code of Canada, the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, the Youth Criminal Justice Act, and more regulatory statutes, you really can trust that I’m able to help. It doesn’t matter if you live near Galt Museum & Archives, Fort Whoop-Up, or the Lethbridge Viaduct, I can help all residents of Lethbridge navigate the system.

I’ve been based in Alberta for a number of years and am familiar with Alberta courts. I know that they can be cruel, bleak places, but with the right support, you can feel more confident that you’ll be treated with fairness and respect.

I will always strive to ensure that you’re treated fairly, and I never tolerate disrespect towards myself of my clients. I will fight not only for your rights and freedoms, but for your dignity as well.

Tips When Choosing a Lawyer

When choosing an lawyer, there are a few main things you should know:

Where They’ve Practiced

Obviously, you’ll want an Alberta-based lawyer who can attend to your case in fast and effective ways. You wouldn’t want a lawyer who isn’t familiar with the courts and peoples of Alberta.

Their Background and Expertise

This one’s important. You should always know where your lawyer’s expertise is, and if it aligns with your case. I have outlined my areas of expertise above, but you should also know that I have worked on many complex cases including but not limited to wire taps, and search and seizure warrants involving dwellings, vehicles, and computers.

Their Values

This one is more challenging to discern. It’s important to meet with your chosen lawyer and decide for yourself if their values align with yours. Know that I value honesty, trust, privacy, integrity, and steadfastness, among other things, and I always strive to live by my values every day. Values really can make all the difference.

Their Methods

If you realize that strategy isn’t an important part of a lawyer’s process, chances are, they won’t be a good fit. Know that I am strategic in everything I do, and I will always inform you of my plans, tactics, and desired outcomes before and during proceedings.

The Bitzer Difference

I’m based in Alberta, my background is extensive, I have strong, important values, and my methods have been refined and strengthened over the years. I am confident that I will be able to help you, should your case align with my areas of expertise. I have a proven track record with these kinds of cases, leading to many excellent results and satisfied clientele.

Know that once we begin working together, I will put my all into your case. We’ll begin with a consult where I will go over your case in detail. From there, I will inform you of the likely and possible outcomes of your case. Then, we’ll get to work on the strategic components of our work together; I will develop a strategy with your help, and we’ll stick to it going forward. I will always be there to coach and guide you through this process.

I’ll be at your side, from beginning to end, fighting in your best interests. You can already begin to feel better knowing that you’re about to take the first step towards a solid choice. Choose Bitzer Criminal Law today, and together, we can get through this.

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