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If you’ve been charged with a criminal offence, you might be feeling lost, and even hopeless. You might also be searching for the very best representation to get a quick and effective resolution. Know that Bitzer Criminal Law is here to help, for your most important legal needs.

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Now is the time to act.

If you’re facing the justice system, you’ll want to get the very best representation, and soon. You’re reading this right now, which means you’re already one step closer to finding a good fit for your legal needs. You may also be wondering about my experience with cases like yours. You can begin to feel much more relaxed and at ease knowing that I have a high success rate with things like bail hearings, early resolutions, and acquittals at trial and sentencing.

You should also familiarize yourself with my areas of specialty: I specialize in sexual assault cases, large scale fraud, drug trafficking, impaired driving cases, and Safe Roads Alberta reviews and appeals. If your case falls into one of these categories, you can feel confident that I’ll be able to help.

Choose Bitzer Criminal Law, and begin to notice your anxiety just fading away, because you really are one step closer to putting your trust in a dedicated professional who knows the law, and who is here for you when you need it most.

Trust a Pro Canadian Solicitor

Canada has many criminal lawyers. It’s important to find someone who is available to be at your side before and throughout proceedings. It is also important to find someone with whom you have a good working relationship. That rapport is essential to the process, and when you can trust someone and know that you can always ask questions and address your concerns, that’s a good feeling.

I ask that you put your trust in me, and I will work to earn that trust every single day. I will treat you with the respect that you deserve and do my very best to give you the highest quality legal representation that you need.

Choose a Dedicated Attorney Now

It doesn’t matter if you live near Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park, Riverfront Park, or Cochrane Ranche Park. Wherever you are in Cochrane, know that I am here for you and your community. I know the Canadian criminal justice system well, and I am here to serve all residents of Cochrane who may be facing a criminal charge.

I love helping people every day, and I take my work very seriously. I realize that people’s lives and livelihoods are at stake, and I know that it’s my responsibility to provide a quality service for those in need. I dedicate myself to this profession every day I go to work, and I am devoted to helping my clients receive the best support and council that I can possibly offer.

The Path Forward

You have to experience a criminal charge to know what it’s like. That sinking feeling that seems to overpower you, that ever-present anxiety and worry about the future, and that desperation to find someone to help are all feelings that I see in my potential and current clients.

I can help alleviate those feelings with my council and support. We’ll start with a thorough review of your case, and, from there, I will work alongside you to formulate a strategy for the path ahead. Strategy is very important to me, and I am good at what I do, so I will help you adhere to a strategic plan as we move forward every single day.

The path forward may look uncertain, even bleak, but know that when you put your trust in a quality lawyer, you can feel more confident that you will get through this challenging time in your life. There are always better days ahead, and you really can hold that thought in your mind as we move forward.

The Bitzer Difference

When it comes to a lawyer’s expertise, you’ll want to see what kinds of cases they specialize in, but it’s also important to notice their values, their soft skills, and their unique talents.

My core values are honesty and trust, and these values inspire my practice every day. I am always honest with my clients, and I provide them with the information that they need and the support that they require in a direct, straightforward way. I also am deeply grateful that my clients can put their trust in me, and I don’t take this privilege lightly. I will always fight to uphold your confidentiality as per the solicitor-client relationship.

You should also consider my soft skills. These kinds of skills are often overlooked, as people tend to get fixated on the experience that a lawyer has but know that soft skills are just as important as experience.

Know that I have a detail-oriented, analytical mind and stellar negotiation skills. I’m a creative problem solver and I value relationships and professionalism in all my daily interactions. I’m well-spoken and an active listener, so when it comes to speaking on your behalf know that I will truly listen and effectively communicate when the situation demands it.

Trust my decades of experience and my sharp soft skills to help you move past this trying time in your life. Request a consultation today, and I’ll be in touch very soon. Together, we can work side by side to resolve your case in effective, and even surprising ways. Get in touch today and know that I’m always here to help.

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