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If you are living in Chestermere and have been charged with a criminal offence, you need to find representation, and fast. Choose Bitzer criminal law and trust an experienced lawyer for your legal needs.

Top Alberta Solicitor, Here for You

My practice is based in Alberta, and I am here for residents of Chestermere. If you have faced a charge, I know how overwhelming this can be. I speak with my clients every day, and they often express their feelings of stress and overwhelm in direct and indirect ways. Know that I understand your experience, and also know that I’m here to help.

I have decades of experience with the criminal justice system. Years of practicing has taught me many things, and I have learned and developed my craft along the way. You can trust my experience and know that I am here to serve. When things seem out of control, know that there are things that are in your control, and one of them is choosing a legal professional to help you.

Canadian Legal Professional At Your Service

The Canadian justice system can be a stressful place. I’ve seen defendants treated with little regard and next to no respect, so I make it my duty to help ensure that you are treated with respect at all times. When I get to work for you, you’ll see that respect is one of my core values, and I understand that people make mistakes or end up in adverse situations. Which is why I will carry out my duty to treat you with the respect that you deserve on a personal level, and if we are in court, I will fight on your behalf to ensure you are treated with respect there, too.

My Experience

In this country, finding a lawyer is easy, but finding a lawyer with specific expertise can take some searching. It does not matter if you live near Chestermere Lake or Anniversary Park, in fact, I can help all residents of Chestermere. There are many competent, skilled individuals helping their clients interface with the justice system, but you want someone who possesses the right skillset and has the right experience.

Know that I have a significant amount of experience with and expertise involving sexual assault cases, large scale fraud, drug trafficking, impaired driving cases, and Safe Roads Alberta reviews and appeals. I defend all charges that fall under the Criminal Code of Canada, the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, the Youth Criminal Justice Act, the Traffic Safety Act, and more regulatory statutes. If your case falls under one of the above categories, you can breathe easy knowing that I’ve got the tools and experience to help.

My Values

My core values with respect to my practice are trust and honesty. Every day, people like you put their trust in me, and I work to maintain that trust by acting in your best interests. Together, we will strive for the best possible resolution, and we will work hard every day to get there. I’ll also be honest and forthright with you, I’ll tell it to you straight, and I won’t sugar-coat it. You’ll appreciate my direct approach because I can provide you with the information and tools you need to get through this.

I also value integrity. I strive to be the best lawyer I can possibly be, every day, and I aim to live by my values and uphold them every moment I’m at work for you.

The Path Forward

When you put your trust in me to represent you, we will first begin with a consultation where we will review your case in more detail. From there, I will inform you of your options, as well as the known, likely, and possible outcomes.

From there, I will, with your help, create a strategy as we move forward. This is one of the most important parts of the process, and I will coach and guide you through it every step of the way. I always incorporate a strategy, and it is, in fact, one of the things that sets me apart from the pack. I am a strategic, analytical thinker that can both plan effectively and adapt to change easily.

I will then work to ensure that you are represented in the best way I know how, and we will work together to strive for the best possible outcome, every day. It’s time to act; it’s time to choose a quality, experienced lawyer to represent you. You really can put your trust in me and we will aim to bring about a swift resolution that’s in your best interests.

Contact me today to request a consultation, and I’ll be in touch shortly.

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